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Start-up Studio

Welcome to Grove Analytics Start-up Studio, a program designed to provide everything needed to launch the next big idea. What exactly does this mean? Think start-up incubator, online.

Do you have a million dollar idea that needs more than just marketing help to bring to market? Get started to learn how we can help you achieve success.

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How does it work?

As a company, Grove has expertise in every field needed to successfully launch a product or service. We lend this expertise to up and coming entrepreneurs, and use our experience to make your project a success. Our team directly or indirectly includes marketing professionals, data scientists, full stack developers, graphic designers, web designers, SEO specialists, business development professionals, and legal consultants.  

A collection of individuals with these skills is essential to get any product or service off the ground. The trouble is usually, piecing together enough qualified individuals without breaking the bank account.  

Get in contact with us for more information and schedule a full consultation.

B2B Marketing ..

Client Lead Generation

Our Standard Client Lead Generation provides straightforward B2B online social marketing. Our lead generation strategy starts with precise data, acquired from the best available sources. This could be, but is not limited to already accessible consumer data or recently purchased consumer data. If you don't have data to begin with, we've got you covered. Grove Analytics has built a network of highly trusted data providers, to ensure every B2B client of ours is capable of starting with the most precise data available. All you need to do is provide the content and we'll take it from there.

Type of data used in B2B campaign strategy:

  • POS Data
  • CRM Data
  • Industry
  • Company Revenue
  • Job Title
  • Geographic & Demographic Data

B2C Marketing.. .

B2C Campaign Management

Our B2C campaign management provides straightforward social marketing on our covered platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, LinkedIn) backed by data to ensure we maximize ROI on any given campaign. While consumer clickstream data is intrusive and something we avoid, a majority of companies misuse their POS data, and don't have the technical knowledge to leverage this into highly valuable consumer behavior lists at scale. This is our key differentiating factor as B2C marketers, just provide the content and we take it from there.

What goes into leveraging POS data? This comes from knowing what a POS system is capable of. Your POS system is a pool of past customer information that contains valuable data points such as personal information, purchase behavior, and order history. Depending on how you have your system set up, you may have access to many other types of customer insights as well. This information can be used to create customer profiles that can be used as a baseline dataset to build customer profile lists at scale for advanced targeted marketing.

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