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Need Help Growing your App?

As an all encompassing growth marketing team, Grove is here to help you bring your App from zero to hero! From viral marketing strategies to SEO, we have you covered. At Grove, we look to partner with App creators with excellent products, that are unsure how to properly bring their product to market. As your growth marketing team, our goal is to drive maximum traffic and downloads to your App. All you have to worry about is creating a great and useful product!

Our Plan Includes:
Marketing Optimization

Every App launch needs well thought out marketing. We develop a custom marketing plan to optimize your outreach, and execute the plan on all applicable platforms. 

Viral Campaigns

A useful app will draw attention to itself. It's our job to make sure that attention is spread to as many people as possible. From influencer campaigns to potentially viral ads, we attempt to create up as much buzz about your app as possible.


Ranking at the top of search results is a must. Our Search Engine Optimization - App Store Optimization team uses their expertise to help get you towards the top of the pack, and be visible to all interested users!

Social Presence Builder

Brand building is important, and there is no better way to do this than excellent social media presence. Social platforms create a space for users to stay up to date on your developments, and be involved with the product they love!