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Why have we partnered?

Separate from our Start-up Studio, Grove Analytics LLC and Durt holdings Corp. entered into a partnership in November 2020 with the main goal of bringing new data solutions to the world.

Who is Durt Holdings? "Durt Holdings is a data technology company founded in 2016 with the goal of aggregating and productizing publicly available data. [Their] core technology, the Durt Data API, does the heavy lifting of ingesting billions of public records to serve as the foundation for all of our consumer facing products. When we make a new dataset available, we build a small team dedicated to making a consumer product around it. Any kind of data, we are digging for it and building on it".

Currently, we've been focused on data privacy, which is the logical place to start when creating data driven products. Although this sounds counter-intuitive, strong data privacy allows for the use of public data to be done legally, and in the least intrusive way possible; something both Grove & Durt care deeply about.

Our first large-scale project, DataSeal Privacy aims to be the premier data opt-out and privacy service available. Launching September 1st, this project has been in the works for over 8 months, and is built out by experts in the data field. This knowledge is pivotal to creating a strong privacy service, as we know better than most people where and how data is used.

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